aboutideasnow.com exists to help you find your people.

1000s of personal websites exist on the internet, outside of social media — created by creators, thinkers, and doers of all sorts.

We index the /about, /ideas, and /now pages of these independent sites to give you a handy way of searching through them.

What's /ideas?

The way we see it, the /about, /ideas, and /now pages on websites each have a different purpose. And all three should be there.

  • /about pages are about the past: how people see themselves and what brought them there. That's useful as a general overview.
  • /now is a more personal look at what people are doing right now, what they care about, and what they could use help with.
  • /ideas should be about the future: the crazy things people always wanted to make, concepts they're mulling over, or planned projects.

If you create an /ideas page on your website, people who are looking for collaborators are much more likely to find you.

Add your website

Create any of the above pages on your website. Mention when you last updated each page so people know it's fresh.

Then submit your website here to add it to aboutideasnow.com.

If you enter your email address, we'll let you know if someone mentions similar ideas to you on their website.

Who built this?

aboutideasnow.com is a decentralized solution on the increasingly centralized web. We exist only to direct you to people's personal websites. You take it from there.

Peter Hagen and Louis Barclay built this website in February 2024.

Artem Tyurin came up with the notion of /ideas pages.

Derek Sivers started the /now page movement without which this all wouldn't be possible.

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